El Croquis 119|Work systems I/スペインの建築家

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el croquis editorial, 2004年, 314p, 340×245mm, soft, 英・西文併記

「work systems」というテーマのもと、フェデリコ・ソリアーノ&ドロレス・パラシオス、アセボ&アロンソ、ホアン・ドミンゴ・サントス、セルガスカーノ、ニエト・ソベヤーノなど9人(組)のスペインの若手建築家による作品、プロジェクトを写真、図面、模型、プレゼンテーションなど豊富な図版でヴィジュアルに紹介した作品集。

Federico Soriano Y Dolores Palacios
・ Laminated Tower
・ Administration Building on Bizkaia Square
・ Social Services Centre

Victoria Acebo Y Angel Alonso
・ A Coruna Arts Centre ( Dance Conservatorium and Provincial Museum )
・ Revitalisation of Sa Riera Bed Competition ( Green Wedge ]
・ Eastern Bipolar Hyperconnected City ( COBS.03 ]
・ Varsavsky House

Juan Domingo Santos
・ Contacts (Short - Term Exchanges and Appropriations in a Historic Quarter ]
・ Glass Museum
・ House on a Hillside ( Arnau House )
・ House in a Cherry Orchard
・ Tourist Accommodation amongst Greenhouses

Jose Selgas Y Lucia Cano
・ Badajoz Conference Centre and Auditorium
・ Cartagena Auditorium and Conference Centre
・ House in La Florida
・ Stavanger Auditorium

Manuel Ocana
・ Santa Rita Geriatric Centre
・ Special Zoning Plan for Levante Park and Molino Tres Ciegos Park

Carlos Arroyo Y Eleonora Guidotti
・ Lifestyles [ Ideas about Social Housing and Subsidised Housing ]
・ The House of Flowers ( Housing for Young and Old in Seville ]
・ Fruit Gums [ Kindergarten in Pinto ]
・ Agricultural - Environmental - Neuroscientific Research Complex

Javier Maroto Y Alvaro Soto
・ Plaza, Car Park and Central Market in Vila Joiosa
・ Library in Palma de Mallorca
・ Apartment Building in Mendez Alvaro

Maria Jose Aranguren Y Jose Gonzalez Gallegos
・ Housing in Carabanchel
・ National Hospice in Alcala de Henares ( Sculpted Garden ]
・ Residential Planning Cartagena

Fuensanta Nieto Y Enrique Sobejano
・ Merida Conference and Exhibition Centre
・ South Madrid International Fairground
・ Canary Islands Museum
・ Montecarmelo Sports Centre




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